TAWG Reflections: Lent

Over the last 4 years I have been practicing Lent.  Lent is a period of time that stretches from Ash Wednesday until the Thursday before Good Friday.  It is a period of time designated to prepare for Easter.  This year it takes place from February 10th, Ash Wednesday, until March 24th.

During Lent many people will fast, or subtract something from their lives.  People will fast from sweets, coffee, social media, meat, or whatever may be a major source of distraction in their lives.  Along with subtracting something, people also try to add daily practices that help refocus their minds on Christ.  This may include adding a day of rest, solitude, designated prayer times, reading a book, writing each day, checking out the TAWG Blog each week, or whatever you believe will help return your gaze to God.

Whether you add or subtract something to your daily schedule do so humbly.  Resist the temptation to be proud.  Instead, really let this time be about Christ and learning to live for him.  I would urge you, however, to tell a few people in order to keep accountable with whatever you decide to do this year.

A few more things to keep in mind:

  1. Create a Sabbath day for each week.  This may be any day you choose, but make sure you are consistent each week.  On your Sabbath day you take a break from your fast, but this doesn’t mean you go overboard.  For example, if you are subtracting sweets you won’t go and eat an entire cake on your Sabbath day, but will enjoy a reasonable amount.
  2. If someone offers you something that you are subtracting take it humbly, and try not to tell everyone that you are fasting.  It’s ok if you tell a lot of people, but just be sure that your intention is to glorify God, NOT to bring glory to you.

I would highly encourage you to add and subtract something during this season in preparation for Easter.  When deciding what to add/subtract do so wisely.  Pick something that you know you will follow through with, but also something that will push you.  Let this be a time of growth and transformation.


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