Rule of Life Series: Learning from Jesus

Read Matthew 11:28-29

Jesus calls us to draw close and to learn from him. The word Christian means “Christ follower”. If we are truly Christian – Christ followers – then Jesus should be our model for how we live our lives. In order to know how Jesus lived, we must study and analyze his life and the full story that is in Scripture. We must not only study it, but we need to also live it out.

By being fully open to the Holy Spirit of God we choose to be shaped into the image of Christ. When we allow our identity to be found in Christ this changes how we interact with others and go about from day to day. The teachings of Jesus are difficult to grasp and to live out, but this does not mean we can just dismiss all of his teachings. The life of following Christ comes at a cost.

Take some time now to reflect on what you know of Jesus and his life. Think about the way Jesus taught, listened, and prayed. Think about how Jesus spent 3 entire years with 12 disciples that literally did everything with him. Reflect on how Jesus led, not with aggression, but by serving and becoming a lowly man. Reflect on how Jesus spent time with people, not rejecting them, but loving them. Jesus should be our example in everything.

  • How can you become a better learner?
  • What are some changes you need to make in your life to become more like Christ
  • Take time to listen to God.

Over the next few weeks we will continue in this series about a Rule of Life. This is the first rule because it is crucial to all other parts of this practice. Jesus needs to be the central focus of all of our disciplines. This week think about how you can become a better learner, a more dedicated Christ follower. Try to work through one of the Gospels over the next month and pay specific attention to how Jesus lived. You can also check out some of our past posts on the Sermon on the Mount, which is another great place to learn from Jesus (Matt. 5-7).

Allow the Spirit to transform you through this process.

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