After Camp

You wake up. You look around you. No cabin. No bunk beds. No counselor gathering your group for the next event. You walk outside expecting to see the Teen Tent, but it isn’t there. Everyone has gone home. You are home.

But the days after camp don’t have to be sad. This week at camp, we talked about a Revolution of Love – God’s love. He wants you to live a joy-filled life. That’s easy to see when we’re out at camp, but it becomes a little tougher when we come home.

So how do we transition?

That is the question that we must answer as we come home from camp. How do we take what we learned and experienced and bring it home from camp? Well, do what you did at camp. Spend some time with God.

Take the next five minutes and ask God to reveal the lessons He was teaching you at camp.

On Friday night, Kory talked about how we don’t have to be perfect, we just have to bring ourselves to God. You made decisions this week at camp. That’s great! But don’t think that you’ll be perfect in sticking to them. None of us are. The only way we can continue in the decisions we made at camp is by giving God control. Saying to God, “Here I am, imperfections and all. Use me as I am.”

Read 1 Samuel 3. Notice Samuel’s age – he was a boy. Also, notice how God continued to help Samuel even after he had this amazing experience (1 Samuel 3:19). Talk to God about what you experienced at camp, and ask Him for guidance as you go home.

You are loved. God loves you so much. He spoke to you at camp, and He wants to continue to speak to you as you transition back to life at home. Spend time with Him, just like you did at camp. And please know that the Teen Camp Staff, along with your counselors, are praying for you. We are so glad you were at camp this year, and we pray that you continue in what God is teaching you!


Want More?

  • Isaiah 6:8
  • 1 Samuel 16:1-13
  • Matthew 9:9-13
  • Psalm 23

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