Revolution Series: The Woman at the Well

Read John 4:1-42

As you read, pay attention to the different people in this story and how they change. What stands out to you? What is odd or unusual about this story?  How does Jesus present a revolution to this woman? To his disciples?

There is a lot to learn from this passage.  We see Jesus speaking with a Samaritan woman, which would be very strange at that time. Jesus’ disciples noticed this odd behavior.  We learn about the living water of Christ Jesus.  We observe a changed woman who can’t help but tell others about what has happened to her.  The others heard her and they, too, were changed. What an incredible story!

Take time to reflect on these main points from the passage.  We can learn a lot from both Jesus and the woman in this story.  Think about how significant it is that the woman is changed, shares this news with others, and then they change as well.  Isn’t this Christ’s call for our lives? “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  How are we presenting the love of Christ to others?  How excited are we about this Living Water that Christ offers?  How much faith do we have in Jesus?

Let these words become truth.  Let them motivate you into action.  Love unconditionally. Listen without distraction. Be welcoming to all because you never know what may come from even the simplest interaction.  Be a light.  Be honest and true to others.  Allow Christ to work in you and through you.

Take a little more time to think though the significance of this story and what it means to you today.  How will this story change you?

Want more?

John 7:37-39

Ephesians 5-6:24

Psalm 96:3

Matthew 28

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